What We Do

We’re an experienced Quantity Surveying firm that provides leading Project Cost Management solutions with the following skills found below:

Cost Planning and Quantity Surveying

Cost Planning and Quantity Surveying


Contract Administration

Contract Administration


Project Cost Planning

Project Cost Planning


Why you will benefit from working with us


We work closely with our Clients, Stakeholders and Consultants to ensure project objectives are clearly defined. Through a collaborative approach, we actively participate to formulate together with the project team a methodology to ensure information which is cost sensitive is effectively communicate to mitigate cost uncertainty.


Cost feedback at the earlest opportunity is an important aspect of the project cost management process.  Timely cost advice will assist the Client, Stakeholders and the Consulting team to make informed decisions to prevent abortive work and to identify and assess opportunities if they present themselves.


To provide cost certainty, we work closely with our Clients, Stakeholders and Consultants to understand the cost risks and opportunities the project may encounter.  A project faces cost uncertainty during its entire life cycle and this may be due to many factors.  We manage project costs through understanding what these factors are, what their effects will be to the project as a whole and how they may be controlled.

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